NBAB S04E17, le Podcast

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SAND: Vanilla Shake
Decipher: Sleepless
Blind Colored Scheme: Until Dawn
Sial : Taqlid
Swag: No Gains Without Pain
Piri Reis: The Devil’s Deeds Of Donetsk
Radigals: Equality
Vision Of Disorder: Sunshine
We Ride: Voices
Through This Defiance: Time To Shine
Sai Nam: Left Behind
On A Warpath: One By One
For The Glory: Run And Hide
Constrict: Allegiance
Aclys : Halbtraum
In for the kill: Nucleus
Killed On Juarez: Criticize On Me
LIFELESS CITY: What’s The Remain
Somebody Fool: Downfall
Split Tongue: Fuck You Nazi Scum
STOUT: Blindside
The Tracy Lörds: Damaged III
What The Sparrow Did To You:Neo-Tokyo To The Neptune

Bonne écoute !

NBAB S04E17, le Podcast
Nuthin But a Beatdown

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