Les kids, le podcast de l’émission Focus sur le nouvel album d’Incendiary est en ligne. Avec au programme:

Higher Power – Four Walls Black
Incendiary – Poison
Incendiary – Hangin’ From The Family Tree
Malevolence – Wasted Breath
Treason – The Gift
Dissed And Dismissed – Don’t Join The Fight
Chain Of Strength – The Space Between
Incendiary – Hard Truths Cut Both Ways
Incendiary – Sell Your Cause
Fury – Novo
Foreseen – Death Injection
Firm Standing Law – No Tolerance
Ensign – Foot In Mouth As An Artform
Incendiary – No Purity
Incendiary – Front Toward Enemy
Onesta – Wounded Tiger Bites Harder
xBISHOPx – Career Mode
Desolated – The End
Integrity – I Am The Spell
Incendiary – Fact Or Fiction
Incendiary – The Product Is You
Code Orange – Slowburn
Trapped Under Ice – Do It
No Redeeming Social Value – New 64
Fire & Ice – Frequency
Incendiary – Still Burning
Incendiary – Awakening

Bonne écoute !

Nuthin But a Beatdown

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