Au menu cette semaine:

Truth And It Burden – Empty Promises

Inclination – An X Of My Own

Sigo Aqui – Deja Una Marca

Sigo Aqui – Lo Que Has Olvidado

Selective Agression – Uniform Thought

Trapped Under Ice – No Relief

Trapped Under Ice – XL

Bloodclot – Fire

Bloodclot – Soldiers Of The New Babylon

To Ashes – Bite Back

Harm’s Way – New Beginnings

Deconsecrate – Resentment

Integrity – Serpent Of The Crossroads

Ink And Dagger – Lolita

Acacia – Second Skin

Touché Amoré – Method Act

Touché Amoré – Home Away From Here

My Hero Died Today – We Wrote These Letters In Blood On Your Wall

Section 8 – Sky Is Falling

Backfire! – The Stakes Are Too High

Raw Justice – Useful Pride

Raw Justice – Loud & Proud

Mushmouth – No Second Chance

Mushmouth – Bitter

Madball – True School

Madball – Doc Marten Stomp

Bonne écoute !



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