EL PADRINO-EMISSION 11- 1er Octobre 2021-Dernières pépites VOL 2

EL PADRINO-EMISSION 11- 1er Octobre 2021-Dernières pépites VOL 2

1-THE DEVILS(Italie)-i appeared to the madonna-album beast must regrets nothing-2021-label goodfellas

2-THE DEVILS-GUTS IS ENOUGH-album Iron Butt-2017-label voodoo rythm records

3-AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS (Australie)- Guided By Angels-album comfort to me-2021-LabelB2B

4-AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS- Security-album comfort to me-2021-LabelB2B

5-THE BRONX (Us)-Superbloom-Album 6-2021-Label Country vinyl/White drugs

6-V8 WANKERS (All)-Lights out-Album Hell on wheels-2008-Label Rude records

7-MAD SIN (All)-Hallucinate-Album Umbreakable-2020-Label Century media

8-ARABROT (Norvege)-The lie-Album Norwegian gothic-2021-Label Pelagic records

9-DANA DENTATA (Canada)-I know that you did last summer-Album Pantychrist-2021-Label Roadrunner records

10-DANA DENTATA (Canada)-Spit feat Travis Barker-Album Pantychrist-2021-Label Roadrunner records

11-SK1 (France)-Le messager-Album Labyrinthe tourmente-2021-Autoprod Amiènoise !!!!

12-DIE ANTWOORD (Afrique du sud)-Open the door-Album House of zef-Label Zef records-2020

13-MINISTRY (us)-Search and destroy (cover The stooges)-Album Moral Hygiene-2021-Label Nuclear blast

14-HUMAN IMPACT-Genetic-Album EP 01-2021

15-THIS IS WRECKAGE(Pays de galles)-Gallon drum-Album I don’t live, I exist-2021-Autoprod

16-EKULU (Us)-Unscrew my head-Album Unscrew my head-2021-Label Cash only records

17-TURNSTILE (us)-Blackout-Album Glow on-Label Roadrunners records-2021

18-BURNING HEADS (fr)-Quelle sacrée revanche-Cover OTH- Album Under their influence-2020-Autoprod

19-RIVAL SONS (us)-Electric Man-album Great western valkyrie-2014-Label Earache

20-ALL THEM WITCHES (us)-41-Album Nothins as ideal-2020-Label New west records

21-LEE FIELDS AND THE EXPRESSIONS (us)-Do you Know-Album Big crow vaults vol1-2020-Label Big crow vaults

22-BEN MAZUE (fr) Nulle partAlbum Paradis-2020-Label Sony music

23-Alain JoHannes (us)-Mermaids’ Scream-album Hum-2020-Label Ipecac

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