EL PADRINO EMISSION 12 du 5 Novembre 2021-Spéciale PSYCHOBILLY

EL PADRINO EMISSION 12 du 5 Novembre 2021-Spéciale PSYCHOBILLY

1-Lucky Devils TO HELL-Album to hell-2005-Crazy love records

2-Coffin Nails COFFIN NAILS-Album Let’s wreck-2004-Label Anagram records

3-Six Feet Down AFRAID-Album One night in hell-2010-Label Crazy love records

4-Mad Sin SPEAK NO EVIL-Album God save the sin-1996-Album Count orlok music

5-Horrorpops BOOT2BOOT-Album kiss kiss kill kill-2008-Label Hellcat records

6-Mr Bonz RED HOT-Album Wreck on the highway-Label Bamboo records

7-Batmobile. EARTQUAKE Album Amazons from outer space-1989-Label Count orlok music

8-Banane Metalik.REQUIEM DE LA DEPRAVATION-Album REQUIEM DE LA DEPRAVATION-1994-Label Killer bananas

9-DEMENTED ARE GO-Be Bop A Lula-Album In sickness and in health-1986-Label Id records


11-DEMENTED ARE GO-HELLBILLY STORM-Album HELLBILLY STORM-2005-Label People like you records

12-The Meteors LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD-Album Compil collection Psychobilly rules-2013-Label Cherry red records

13-Os Catalépticos.THE CURSED-Album Zombification-2000-Label Crazy love records

14- Os Catalépticos-PSYCHOBILLY IS ALL AROUND-Album Os catalepticos-1998-Label Fury records

15.Nekromantix.NICE DAY FOR A RESURRECTION-Album Return of the loving dead-2002-Label Hellcat records

16-The Ripmen.DEATH SCHOOL-Album Graveyard in our memories-2007-Label Wolverine records

17-The Wrecking Dead.BOYS ON THE DOCKS-Album The wrecking dead-2002-Label Crazy love records

18-.Banane Metalik.666% GORE’N’ROLL-Album sex blood and gore’n’roll-2005-Label Killer bannas

19-Godless Wicked Creeps.Coward with a gun-Album Smile-2001-Label Lucky seven records

20-Mad Sin.CURSED-Album Burn and rise-2010-Label people like you records

21-Mad marge and the stone citters-Gravest sin-Album Mad marge and the stone citters-2006

22-Klingonz.I’M OLD (BUT I USED TO BE YOUNG)-Album Up your anus-2003-Label crazy love records

23-G STRING-Pornstar-Album Punker Looser drunker-2002-Label Crazy Love records

24-Nekromantix.BACKSTAGEPASS TO HELL-Album dead girls don’t cry-2004-Label Hell cat

25-Cenobites-My mission-Album Démons to some angels to others-2002-Label Drunkabilly records

26-The Hillbilly Moon Explosion – My Love for Evermore 2011

-EP My move for evermore-Label Jungle recordsj


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